Energy Catalyzer Guide: 10 Facts Showing E-cat Success In 2012

2011 was undoubtedly very challenging to Andrea Rossi. The good news is he has surmounted even the most unthinkable trial regarding the controversy behind his Low Energy Nuclear Reaction device. The energy catalyzer guide recently releases 10 interesting facts that will make 2012 the year of the Italian inventor.

Moreover, energy catalyzer guide also quoted Forbes editor Mark Gibbs saying that Rossi’s energy catalyzer produces large amounts of heat with only a small amount of money to purchase it. It has been reported that Leonardo Corporation decided to reduce the cost of home-based e-cat to kill possible competition in the market this year. Here’s what Gibbs said regarding the e-cat’s benefits:

“Should Rossi’s E-Cat work as claimed, it will transform the world making oil, coal, and conventional nuclear power along with wind and solar power obsolete as energy sources.”

The problem is until now Rossi is yet to provide definitive proof of his invention. No matter how impressive the results of the rigorous tests that were conducted last year. Energy catalyzer guide mentioned 10 things that help increase the credibility of Rossi’s e-cat and will also contribute to his success in 2012: (1)customers sent representatives during the tests; (2)October 28th amazing performance of Rossi’s e-cat; (3) powerful and respected physicists support and recognized Rossi’s efforts; (4) scientific work and research showing cold fusion does work; (5) NASA, SPAWAR, The Defense Threat Reduction Agency and The Defense Intelligence Agency believe that LENR is a possible source of energy; (6) NASA scientists Bushnell’s positive statement about LENR; (7) Rossi decided to sell his own company to make money for the development of the device; (8) the growing number of potential competitors; (9) Leonardo Corporation taking pre-orders of e-cat units for home use; payment is not required unless 100% content of the technology’s full capacity; and finally (10) people’s testimonials about e-cat’s fantastic potential.

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