Who Finances The Independent E-cat Test?

Andrea Rossi has already talked about the independent third party validators of his e-cat LENR based technology. On his official e-cat blog Journal of Nuclear Physics, the Italian inventor stated: Continue reading →

Rossi’s US Partner Know The Location of E-cat Factory

On his official blog Journal of Nuclear Physics, Italian inventor Andrea Rossi has talked about his new US partner. He stated that his partner shares the same philosophy with him. To those who have no idea about what the philosophy is, which is based on four pillars, it is best to recall that particular post: Continue reading →

Rossi: E-cats Will Soon Hit The Market

There have been several comments about the mass production of the e-cats developed by Andrea Rossi over the web and all of them hope that the new and controversial invention will soon become available to the market. Rossi, the Italian inventor, continues to give the public reason to hope for the success of his LENR based technology in his official website Journal of Nuclear Physics. The most anticipated third party e-cat report remains pending and the e-cat enthusiasts are still waiting for its publication. Imagination becomes wilder and wilder creating a difference in point of views between the public and the people behind the device. Continue reading →

Rossi E-cat Can Benefit From The Growing Market For Renewable Energies

On Andrea Rossi’s official blog Journal of Nuclear Physics, discussions surrounding the applications for renewable energy sources have rapidly become one of the most talked about topics over the web. It is known that the Italian inventor’s e-cat LENR based technology is one of the newest and controversial alternative sources of energy. The potential of Rossi’s device can definitely benefit from the growing market for renewable energies. The Ecatreport stated: Continue reading →

Rossi On Third Party E-cat Report: Let’s Wait And Work, Work, Work

Italian inventor Andrea Rossi has made several comments regarding the third party report of his e-cat LENR based technology. In one of his statements, the man behind the new and controversial device revealed that the third party is composed by professors of four different international universities. He explained that their work is complex and that it does not depend on him. In addition, he does not have any idea as to where the report will be published and who the peer reviewers are. Rossi admitted that it is indeed a very serious thing. He explained: Continue reading →

Rossi Says Smaller E-cat Units Are Safer

There have been widespread talks about the concept of producing bigger e-cat units, more than the 10 KW that Andrea Rossi has stated on his previous announcements on his official blog Journal of Nuclear Physics. The Italian inventor has been working very hard in order to further develop his LENR based technology. One of the e-cat followers suggested that Rossi should generate bigger e-cats because the need for refueling would be less frequent. Poster Daniel De Caluwe posted: Continue reading →